Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ikea candles

Lately I have discovered Ikea candles. Before I did, I have been buying more expensive candles for a long time in other stores. I think that when you buy Ikea candles you receive a good reward for the price.

I am a huge Ikea fan even without the candles, but now I have a whole new reason to visit the store. There's a big variety of scents, sizes and from time to time I find some new scents available in the store. My favorites for the moment are floral scented candles, Omtalad and Sinnling.

Candles,picture,frame and flowers all from Ikea and my current book
Sometimes I light only one or more candles with the same scent and sometimes I light different candles depending on the intensity and the scent that I want to receive.

This evening I am making a mix between two floral scents that I mentioned earlier and reading my current favorite romance book "Three weeks in Paris" by Barbara Taylor Bradford.

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