Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentine's Day Candles

Valentine's Day is a great opportunity for some romance and nothing is more romantic than the sweet scent of a scented candle.

If you are planning a romantic valentine's evening at home with your loved one, you probably won't need much to get into the right mood. Nice food, some wine and maybe even jazz music in the background would do the trick, But the secret to a truly romantic atmosphere is the soft lift which only a candle can provide.

To setup the right light, all you need to do is to light-up few candles. Personally, candle light makes me more relaxed and sets me in a good, romantic mood. If it is a scented candle with a soft present smell it is even better.

A good idea for a scented candle smell for Valentine's Day might be Red Apple Cinnamon Scented like the one you see on the photo above, Lavender or any other soft smell which will provide a good mood without overtaking the atmosphere in your room.

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